'Beyonce covered Sex On Fire at glastonbury right?' 'She made the song a lot better. She made me masturbate to my own song.” - Caleb Followill ( Kings of Leon lead singer)


I want to tell you about September 11th. I want to tell you how when I think about that day, I get this lump of sadness in my throat that feels like I’m swallowing air as if getting ready to burp, except that the release never comes.  I want to tell you that I don’t remember being sad or scared because my parents were ok, my friends were ok, and at the age of 6 that meant my world was ok.  The grownups are supposed to be the ones who aren’t afraid of anything.  I am now 19 and scared shitless.  I want to tell you all of this, but I am afraid that you will respond with politics.  And September 11th is about anything but politics.